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Hirisha Metha
Sanka's Symbols Design  
Lindsey DeWitt
Cultural Consultant  
Noriyuki Yoshimura
Akiyo Yagyu

Born in 1978, André is a self-taught French multimedia artist, presently residing in Kyoto, Japan. Trained in mathematics, cognitive science and the research of musical interfaces, in 2001 he developed a unique audio project – under the name ieva - composing scores for “imaginary journeys” influenced by acousmatic music.

In 2002 he won the 1st prize of the Aquitaine movie-music contest in the experimental movie category.

His work (installation, music, movies...) has been shown in France, England , Portugal, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Philiippines...In 2011 he founded the micro music label Pollen , to develop and supported his curator activities started in 2010. Very active in the Underground and Avant Garde Scene, he has worked with various artists : dancers, poets, painters, composers, videographers, architect, director and instrumentalists & has curated different art event in East Asia.

Soundscape, Field Recording
Samuel André

Paget is a French conductor and a composer living in Kyoto, Japan. He relocated to Japan after receiving an invitation from Maestro Yutaka Sado to become the HPAC Orchestra Associated Conductor in Nishinomiya. 
Paget trained in France at the Royal College of Music of London and Paris Conservatory of Music  (CNSMDP) and since 2008, he has conducted for the  Osaka Kyoiku University  orchestra. Throughout his career Paget has been working regularly with orchestras worldwide including, the  HPAC Picardie  and  Lamoureux  orchestras. The  Brachov Symphony Orchestra Kansai City Philharmonic Orchestra Sakai City Opera , and the  Taipei Symphony Orchestra .
Paget has a deep interest for contemporary creation, he is an active composer writing for chamber and symphony orchestras. These include titles such as,  Tears of Sakura  サクラの涙 , Tanabatta 七夕 , Omote  面 / Ura  裏 as well as score for film and theater. Paget's music has been broadcasted in major media in France and the United States.

Composer , Conductor, Percussionist
Yannick Paget

Lyricist/poet Chris Mosdell is the winner of the Yuki Hayashi-Newkirk Poetry Prize, the Tokyo Music Festival’s Gold Prize, and the Grand Prize for Poetry at the Boulder, Colorado, Festival of Literature. His lyrics have been recorded by Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Sarah Brightman, Boy George, Ryuichi Sakamoto and YMO amongst others, and included in the anime soundtracks to Gundam, Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. He was commissioned to write the election theme song for the Social Democratic Party of Japan, and penned the scenario for the dance-drama stage production of Amaterasu, the Resurrection of Radiance, which was performed with the London City Ballet at the West End’s Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. His publications include Splatterhead: The Songlines of Chris Mosdell (2001), City of Song: The Incendiary Arias (2005) and The Kantocles: Songs from the Atomic Aisles (2013). He lives in Tokyo.

Lyricist / Poet
Chris Mosdell

Kyoto based
working primarily

live video
Andrew Couzens


Marguerite Paget : contact@ensowatt.org

Samuel André :

Accordion & effects

He plays a fusion between accordion & electronics. 
After joining Nasuno Mitsuru (Altered States), Sanjo Toru (EP-4) and  [elements] in 1996 he started to perform with legends of   underground performers.
He is now perfornming a with many dancers, performers  in many cities in Japan, NY, LA, in the EU....
and aha been part of the Event ¨”coba” on 2010-11 

He is also booking manager at art space “UrBANGUILD” Kyoto
He loves cats and Sanjo Kyoto Bridge at early morning.



Taisuke Enami

Enami Taisuke plays the piano, melodica, synthesizers and manipulates samples from field recordings as a solo artist.
His music is marked by unique chord progressions and a mellow, atmospheric quality, while maintaining a deep earthy groove.
He is described in a recent review as “A musician whose music slowly evolves over time for the listener, always innovating.”

Yasutaka Okada

Born in Kyoto. He started the electric bass in 2001 and then double bass in 2004. Graduated from the Osaka College of Music Jazz Department in 2007. He formed the band "Mika To Yasu" and released 5 albums before their dissolution. With, the Kyoto poet Chori, the music experience turned into the band, called ANAGUMA. He played lived a lot also in different outdoor festivals. For the first time in 2015, he went perform in Italy. In addition, it turned pro bassist from the age of 2011. From 2015, he started solo activities only by playing double bass.

Summer / Autumn Ritual
Yuki Nakagawa Cello & effects

Masato Tokumaru
live vidéo

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture . Live in Kyoto. He produces a space using video for live performance


sanka's ritualS      
   A hundred years after Stravinsky’s revolutionary “Rites of Spring,” the members of this artistic collaboration pursues the experience-cum-experiment by focusing on Japan’s seasonal cycles, especially celebrated by the little-known mountainous tribe, the Sanka


The mind-bud opening on its branch––
the white lips of the magnolia
about to speak
of the Great Treasure of Knowledge,
the Explanation of Everything Miraculous, as the pure white
flame upon the tree opens.
The eyelids of the gods opening–– this light-birth,
this life-birth,
this leaf-birth,
this word-birth,
this rebirth of the world.
Here comes the noiseless explosions of creation once asleep,
weighed down by snow,
the fiery volcanic sap in our veins
awaking our gypsy souls.
The Great Darkness is over.
The Long Blindness is over.
The gestation in Mother Mountain’s womb is over. We are set
unsealed into the orgies of green.
Blood flame green!
Riot green!
Undressed green!
Crystal rain green!
Vital elixir green! Freshly-minted-first-morning-of-the-worldgreen!
Willow-whipping green!
Singing green . . . singing, singing, singing . . .
The Great Green-Eyed Chorus singing, singing, singing . . .
Here we come––tattooists from the celestial mists–– our
bodies map the heavenly spheres,
a vast cosmology covering us
from earthy heel to ear.
We have inherited the needle’s art, blossom storms in crimson
ink over our shoulders
and down our arms,
the dragon curled around our spines, the carp leaps from our
We are great libraries aglow, mirrors of above, so below.
O nation, navigate our needlepoint! O nation, sail our skin!
We are decorated with your destiny.
Read us
& know yourselves!
Read us
& know yourselves!
The mind-bud is opening on its branch––
time to awaken, and into the world . . . advance!

Act I
©Chris Mosdell

April 29th 2015
Urbanguild Kyoto

Act I


Act II




(ii) A CHARM TO DISARM DEATH (The Rite of the Life-Giving Leaf)



< Ink black wings across the snow,
a flight that leaves no shadow,
our bird-god, our Celestial Crow,
in midnight’s robe of feathers flies
with dark, star-studded eyes.
And in its beak, our tribe’s Great Flame
as it flies through molten time,
over Mother Mountain and Father Sea
Of Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy,
from the ancient City of Birth and Decay,
down the human river that winds its way . . .
And in our cave on this winter day
Amidst the darkness, we await the flame!
And crow alights upon the pine––
the tree that never dies––
and calls out: “I’m the carrier of the sacred fire,
the one hundred and eight names of forbidden desire.
I’m the void’s last refugee
with wings that span eternity.
I’m the messenger with a thousand tongues,
knowledge’s song unsung,
the bird-god from the cage of the sun.”
And in our cave on this winter day
Amidst the darkness, we await the flame!
Onward! Onward the crow takes flight,
illuminating the longest night,
and into the open mouth of our cave . . .
crash lands, bursts into flames!
And now those flames is in our veins––
leaping tigers untamed,
an astral opium,
an erupting ancestral ocean,
as the mind bursts
in an ecstatic moment of rebirth!
And in our cave on this winter day
we are . . . ABLAZE! ABLAZE! ABLAZE!
all the tiny seas of our cells you command
Ebb and flow, rise and fall,
we hear your call.
The blood tides on the shore of our bones beat,
the waves crash,
our bodies are lashed
by your burning light.

Act I
©Chris Mosdell
January 25th 2014
Urbanguild Kyoto

Act I


Act II






We are made to be mirrors
with the million molecules of our human universe.
We are the ballad of the swollen fruit
exploding into the harvest of the eternal,
the song of the last bell cricket on a silver chain
on its voyage into the night’s womb.
See, we are in search of a tremendous secret
between the morning and the oblivious moment,
between the myriad perceptions still unperceived.
It is the Exquisite Hour.
We are here, shackled to the earth’s core,
the moonlight hammering nails into our hands
as we lie down among the fallen leaves.
Above, we hear the hare under the cassia tree
pounding the juice of immortality.
We thirst, we hunger, we lust––
to be there at the very centre of life!
The stars burn an astral map,
a tribal tattoo, upon our skin
so we will not become lost
in the vast organism of the heavens.
And now we are ready––ready to ascend!
The leaves rustle––they have absorbed our blood.
Now our atoms leave their moorings,
everything is disintegrating
like a liberation,
like an atomic eruption,
like an opera of awareness,
like a delirious drug in our veins.
We are organic, identical with every living experience.
We are transparent, beyond the physical.
We are the matrix of all matter.
We open our mouths and the moon is eaten.
Act I
Chris Mosdell

October 10th 2014
Urbanguild Kyoto

Act I


Act II




Over the Mountains of the Mind,
down the Valley of Summer Shadows,
we come in our dragonfly masks,
with the enlarged eyes that encompass the infinite,
in our jeweled necklaces of reincarnations,
the cicada choir of our lost language,
and the scent of the universe in our hair.
We are the sons and daughters of the sensual heavens.
We are the tribe that walks through the afternoon of the gods
with an immense silence.
We are haloed in secrecy,
tattooed with the names of the Ancients.
We are invisible.
We are date-stamped with eternity
We are winged with light.
Our telepathic arrows are tipped with prophecies.
We are everywhere.
We are nowhere to be found.
We have metamorphosed into a pure rhythmical essence
and have entered modernity driving sacred dream machines,
drugged on poetry,
and fed on explosive energies.
We are like restless beautiful animals
with raw undiluted music flowing through our bloodstreams..

Act I
©Chris Mosdell


July 20th 2014
Urbanguild Kyoto

Act I

Rites of Dragon F l y - driving the dreaM mAchiNe

Act II

Rites of the huNdred wind chimes
Rites to refresh the earth
Rites of the great fire dance


    The insect « hum » of humanity ritual
Dance of the Sacred Peach


Initiated in 2013
by the sound designer Samuel André,

Ensō Watt artist collective
is born in Kyoto from the encounter of artists coming from different countries and
raised in entirely different artistic universe, from classical music to electro,improvisation and sound


Musicians, two screens and a poet recapture Stravinsky’s spirit in ‘Sanka’s Winter Ritual’
japan times 2015.01.23

Pictures from Sanka’s Autumn Ritual by Ensō Watt
deep kyoto 2014.10.14

Ensō Watt

is a space of experiment and overture where frontiers between
musics, classical, electro or sound design melt, where scored music meets
improvisation, where arts (music, image and poetry) enters a free dialogue, where the
melting pot of culture is a strength. And so what ? with this unique spirit breathed
by Kyoto city everything’s possible, isn’t it ?

Ensō 円相

in Zen Buddhism, an ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two
uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body

The ensō symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterised by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics.

えんそう (演奏)

means also in Japanese : concert or performance


reflects the electric energy impulsed by the musicians and the artists of this collective.